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Family of olive oils

Family of olive oils

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Piccardo&Savore is a small producer certified since 1920

This bundle contains 3 olive oils and one jar of olives:
1 LT Tin
Refined olive and vergani olive oil - a high percentage of extra virgin olive oil and acidity guarantees this olive oil can be used for all foods, Ideal for cooking and salad dressings, Primary National and International award
Ingredients: refined olive oil, extra virgin olive oil

1 LT extra virgin cold pressed single estate olive oil made from 100%Italian olives

75 cl Extra Virgin Olive Oil in gold wrapping - Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means - Ancient and award-winning grove, cold pressed and single estate Ingredients: cold pressed olive oil 100% Italian olives. wrapped in gold foil for protection from sunlight a very gentle oil Ideal for salad dressing 

280g jar Taggiasche Olives, from the province of Imperia
Ingredients: Taggiasche Olives, water, salt, natural aromas, citric acid corrector

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